PERCEPTIONS OF TIME — How Men and Women Perceive Time Differently

February 9, 2010 / Nancy Diraison How Men and Women perceive time differently [This article will be one of many chapters under our title series, “Reversing Eden”. The purpose of this series is to address areas of conflict between men and women that can be improved with understanding of their God-granted differing qualities. We hope the ideas presentedContinue reading “PERCEPTIONS OF TIME — How Men and Women Perceive Time Differently”

Do You Work??? (In Honor of the Stay-at-home Mom!)

May 31, 201 Do you work??? What?  If that isn’t potentially the most insulting question anyone can ask a woman who works 24-7 in a household I don’t know what is. “Do you work?”  When do you not work?  I recall when my family lived in a suburb outside Chicago, circa 1960, and every woman “worked”.Continue reading “Do You Work??? (In Honor of the Stay-at-home Mom!)”