MEMORIAL DAY… reaching out soberly and in gratitude for all those whose lives have been and continue to be spent in protecting our freedoms — those abroad and those at home. Some will be lost today. Others are remembering the cost they and others have paid. Let us take nothing for granted. Silent reflection isContinue reading “MEMORIAL DAY 2023”


VETERANS DAY 2021 is a day for remembering that peace and freedom are not free. It is also a day to be thankful our military is pledged by oath to defend our Constitution above all. The high costs of winning and maintaining peace and freedom can only be vindicated through eternal citizen vigilance and theContinue reading “VETERANS DAY 2021”

On FAITH, WAR and STEALTH – Lessons from DUNKIRK for D-DAY, 2022

DUNKIRK Why Lessons from History are Lessons for Today  We are reposting our article on DUNKIRK for D-DAY, 2022. The lessons are pertinent. The events at Dunkirk unfolded early in the war, from May 26th through June 4th, 1940. D-DAY was closer to the final events and occurred on June 6, 1944. One common denominatorContinue reading “On FAITH, WAR and STEALTH – Lessons from DUNKIRK for D-DAY, 2022”