PERCEPTIONS OF TIME — How Men and Women Perceive Time Differently

February 9, 2010 / Nancy Diraison How Men and Women perceive time differently [This article will be one of many chapters under our title series, “Reversing Eden”. The purpose of this series is to address areas of conflict between men and women that can be improved with understanding of their God-granted differing qualities. We hope the ideas presentedContinue reading “PERCEPTIONS OF TIME — How Men and Women Perceive Time Differently”

TOUGH DECISIONS: Can Disobedience ever be Right?

December 30, 2018 / Nancy Diraison Teaching children to say, “No”, and when to do so! I’ve always been fascinated with the decision-making process. Making decisions seems to be one of the greatest difficulties in life. Some people, for fear of making mistakes, avoid making decisions as often as possible. Others charge right in andContinue reading “TOUGH DECISIONS: Can Disobedience ever be Right?”

TRAINING CHILDREN TO BE LEADERS with VISION… an important lesson from acorns

December 13, 2018 / Nancy Diraison What we can learn from acorns… Most people, when shown an acorn, see an acorn. President Harry Truman was fond of a lesson from that fact. He knew that when shown an acorn, very, very few people can see the tree — the massive tree that grows from thatContinue reading “TRAINING CHILDREN TO BE LEADERS with VISION… an important lesson from acorns”

Do You Work??? (In Honor of the Stay-at-home Mom!)

May 31, 201 Do you work??? What?  If that isn’t potentially the most insulting question anyone can ask a woman who works 24-7 in a household I don’t know what is. “Do you work?”  When do you not work?  I recall when my family lived in a suburb outside Chicago, circa 1960, and every woman “worked”.Continue reading “Do You Work??? (In Honor of the Stay-at-home Mom!)”

Lessons Learned From Draft Horses

July 31, 2018 / Nancy Diraison There is nothing more impressive than the sight of an elegant team of draft horses working smoothly together. The flowing manes, the massive hooves, the powerful muscles pulling — those all depend on highly skilled training when properly “hitching” these majestic creatures. The exact source of the expression “toContinue reading “Lessons Learned From Draft Horses”

To be Cherished… Cherish HIM!

July 19, 2018 / Nancy Diraison Once upon a time girls dreamed of finding their prince charming — men of strength, valor, gentleness and kindness. Life seldom works out that way but the fantasies are fun. Barring extremes of bad behavior, men were traditionally admired and appreciated as protectors and providers. Feminism took a lead role inContinue reading “To be Cherished… Cherish HIM!”


May 31, 2017 / Nancy Diraison It was during my first audition with an honored Hollywood voice coach that the question was posed to me — the question which forms part of the backdrop for this website. In fact the Maestro was not taking any more students. He was 86 years old and had survivedContinue reading “BRINGING BACK FATHERS”

TAKING BACK our children and families: The Meaning Behind it

July 3, 2018 / Nancy Diraison Some of our recent product posts bear the mottos, “America, take your children back” and “America, take your families back”. While the intent is clear to some, it provokes questions from others.  Just “what” do we take our children “back” from? The short answer is to take our childrenContinue reading “TAKING BACK our children and families: The Meaning Behind it”

Can We See Farther in the Dark?

Nancy Diraison November 25, 2018 Learning the Art of Hope  It happens to everyone, young and old, poor and prosperous… Troubled times show no partiality. Losses, griefs, illness, sometimes with no clear reason at all, we can find ourselves “in the pits”. Is it depression? Maybe, maybe not. The word is overused these days. WeContinue reading “Can We See Farther in the Dark?”

The Power of ONE

Nancy Diraison. February 8, 2019 Conquering Apathy in a world that needs leaders As individuals we too often underestimate the power of our influence. We wait for someone else to take the lead, to solve a problem, to make the sacrifice. Yes, we are all short on time. Our priorities determine how we use ourContinue reading “The Power of ONE”