The flag of the United Sates of America

MEMORIAL DAY… reaching out soberly and in gratitude for all those whose lives have been and continue to be spent in protecting our freedoms — those abroad and those at home. Some will be lost today. Others are remembering the cost they and others have paid. Let us take nothing for granted.

Silent reflection is appropriate, along with the sober realization that if we do not all as “we the people” fight for our freedoms, and support those leading the charge, no efforts to preserve them will endure beyond our current distress. As in 1776, so in 2023. Many did not know the nation was in jeopardy; some wrongly clung to an abusive establishment as their comfort zone; only the few led the charge to freedom. REMEMBER! What was won can be lost while people slumber.

Those who carry the scars and remember and those who re-enact history for the sake of remembrance… This is their day… We owe gratitude to them and their loved ones who sacrifice with them every day.

Annual re-enactment ceremonies of liberation of area in Northwest France by General Patton’s Sixth Division. Photo by Nancy Diraison.
Let us remember our veterans and those separated from home and families.
Vial of blood and a fountain pen on the US constitution, symbolising the blood that was spilled by America ‘s forefathers in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happines

Copyright Nancy Diraison/Diraison Publishing, May, 2022/2023. All Rights Reserved. (Photos not identified as the author’s are from Dreamstime stock photos).

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